Stuckenhoff Shooting Complex

Stuckenhoff Shooting Complex is a shooting range that is operated by the Casper Shooters Club. The facilities include an indoor archery and air rifle range, 100

and 300 yard rifle ranges, shotgun range, muzzleloading range, long distance range, cannon range, and action pistol/cowboy action range.

News & Announcements

General Member Meeting is Monday Feb 2nd, 2015, 7pm at the range office. 

Now Hiring: If interested in becoming a range officer and some part time work, please apply at the Range Office at the range.

Reminder that there is no hunting on range property at any time.

​​​The range Winter hours are Thurs & Fri Noon - 4PM, Sat and Sun 9AM - 4PM

 **** NOTICE ****

**** The 100 yd, Shotgun Range, Muzzle Loader Range and the Long Range will be closed form 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday until further notice for expansion and construction on the Law Enforcement Range. We appolagize for any inconvenience.****